How Does School of Choice Work in Michigan?

Several school districts in Southeast Michigan participate in School of Choice. But what does that mean, and how can your family take advantage of it? 

In Michigan, "School of Choice" means a specific school district can choose to accept students from outside its normal boundaries. This gives parents the option of choosing the school they want their children to attend. 

Metroparent writes: The number of districts that choose to participate in school of choice varies based on the year. Parents can find a school of choice Michigan list on their local ISD’s website, which will list the participating districts for that school year.

Ann Arbor Public Schools just released information that in the 2015-2016 year, they lost more students than they gained through School of Choice. Most students who opted out of the AAPS went to charter schools, but some went to different districts. For more information about how School of Choice worked in the Ann Arbor Area, click HERE. 

So, if your family moves, but you want your children to stay in the school district they are familiar with, or you want your child to have access to a specific type of program, or it works better for your family to have your children attend school closer to your place of employment - whatever the case, Michigan's School of Choice program can offer many different options.