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Choosing a home in Washtenaw County means never looking forward to a day or night without something to do. You’ll never mutter the words “There’s nothing to do tonight,” and “I’m bored” is a phrase you can strike from your memory bank. It’s a place where all your friends will want to hang out, and even when you’ve been here for 20 years, there’s always some undiscovered gem waiting to be explored.

All of the wonderful things about Washtenaw County -- sports, the arts, nature and food -- culminate annually with the three-week-long Top of the Park festival. The event features great eats and artists from all around the world during the free summer event that attracts thousands of people to the heart of the city each day.

Washtenaw County is known for big things.

Explore the Featured Areas in Washtenaw County

Ann Arbor,MI

Population: 117,025
Highways: US23 / M14 / I94
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Augusta Township,MI

Population: 117,025
Highways: US23 / M14 / I94
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Population: 5,106
Highways: I94 / M52
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Population: 4,160
Highways: I94 / US23
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the Washtenaw County Countdown

Our Top 6 Reasons to Choose Washtenaw County for your new home!

1. Relocating to A2 is an A1 idea.

2. To consider Washtenaw County as a place for Higher Education would be a Smart Move.

3. You can feed your need for speed right at one of the best National Hot Rod Association Race Track.

4. 20,000 people enjoy Elvis Fest Every summer in Ypsilanti - A great city in Washtenaw County! 

5. Looking for some Color? Check out the happiest 5k on the planet right here in Washtenaw County every July!

6. The U of M Health Center employs over 28,000 people and rank #2 on the Top 25 employers in Washtenaw County.


Population: 2,136
Highways: M52
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Population: 5,902
Highways: US23
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Northfield Township,MI

Population: 8,245 
Highways: US23
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Pittsfield Twp,MI

Population: 34,663
Highways:US23 / M14 / I94 / US12
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Population: 9,080
Highways: US12 / US23
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Population: 19,809
Highways: US23 / I94 / US12
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Washtenaw County Event Calendar

Explore the upcoming events scheduled for this month in the Washtenaw County area. Just browse the event calendar below to find out more about just what the Washtenaw County area has to offer!