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The Black Fox Witch Teaches Magial Herbs with their Elements

  • 40 North Huron Street Ypsilanti, MI, 48197 United States (map)

This 4 part class bundle is designed for the beginner and intermediate student of magics and witchcraft concerning the four classical elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water and the roll they play in herbal magic and spell crafting. In-depth discussions of the individual elements will take place over the course of 4 separate classes, one element per class, along with other basic principles of magic, witchcraft, and spell crafting. During each class session (1- 1 1/2 hours), the students will craft one spell concerning the element of the day, with a total of four spells/charms to take home.

Over 25 years of experience, practice, and study of Animism and Native American folklore,
traditional and regional folk magic and witchcraft, European traditional witchcraft, Trolldom,
psychic development, and more.

Day 1 (Jan 6 3pm-4:30pm or Feb 6 3pm-4:30pm)
Earth: the Body
• Brief introduction of the Four Elements
• Brief discussion on Animism
• The 9 Directions
• Drawing in the Elements and Raising the Compass
• In depth discussion of the Element Earth
• Earth spell: Money drawing charm

Day 2 (Jan 13 3pm-4:30pm or Feb 10 3pm- 4:30pm)
Air: the Mind
• In depth discussion of the Element Air
• Strategic Spell Crafting with the Elements
• Biology of Plants and its use in Spell Crafting
• Air spell: Psychic enhancing incense and basic incense crafting
**Required items for class:
Mortar and Pestle

Day 3 (Jan 20 3pm-4:30pm or Feb 17 3pm-4:30pm)
Fire: the Heart
• In depth discussion of the Element Fire
• Enchanting, Charming, Hallowing, and Animus Vitae
• Fire spell: Love/Sex poppet

Day 4 (Jan 27 3pm-4:30pm or March 3 3pm-4:30pm)
Water: the Soul
• In depth discussion of the Element Water
• Personal Alchemy
• Plant Spirit Familiars
•Water spell: Dream sachet

Buy all 4 classes for a discounted rate or individually.

Date and time subject to change, your requested contact email will be used to alert you to any changes.