Step 4: Market your Property

You only get one chance to make a "First Impression" Buyer's are moving quickly in this market. The best way to make a first impression is to have your home in show condition majority of the time. Many times clients or REALTORS® will hire a “stage” person to make the home more desirable. Buyers make quick judgments of properties and are only in your home a short time.  Grab the right buyer the first time your home is viewed with a success in home staging. 

If you would like a recommendation, search our list of preferred Cleaners & Stagers below:


Some secrets of the trade in making a house presentable:

  • Curb Appeal must be on point! Although your home may be very desirable inside, the buyers have already judged the home by its outside appearance.
  • Always be ready to show! You’re home must be “show ready” at all times for when that potential buyer walks through the door.
  • Lighting is key. Be sure to maximize the amount of light in your home.
  • Storage is an important feature for a home buyer. Empty the closet/storage space at least 50% for an optimal vision of the space available for the buyer’s needs.

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