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Robin R. McLellan - REALTOR®

Mobile: (313) 574-7434

Robin McLellan is a native Detroiter now living in Taylor, MI, a “Downriver” community, just about 30-minutes south of Detroit in Wayne County.  Robin understands the importance of home ownership and is passionate about helping people acquire their first or next home, and/or investment property.    

A full-service Realtor® and Investor, Robin is uniquely qualified to assess and provide individualized housing solutions whether you a looking to buy, sell, rent, lease with a buying option or “Move on Quietly with Dignity.”  

Whenever she can, Robin loves to play board games, watch movies, spend time with loved ones, write, and volunteer at local charities.  She is proud to be a member of the Hinton Real Estate Group, which serves the community proudly, and puts people and families First!

Robin is on a mission to help eradicate barriers to home ownership, and link people to valuable resources. 

Contact Robin to schedule a confidential phone or face-to-face consultation today.

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