Step 9: Close, Celebrate & Settle In

At closing is when many legal financial documents are signed and your home is transferred to your name!  At the closing there will be many of the people who helped you with the transaction there for you at the closing to make sure all goes smooth. This is a great time for celebration and you should take as long as needed to enjoy your success through this long process.

Relocation is not always local and you may have moved far away from your regular community of people. We want you to consider us your friends in your new community and in the business. Our team will provide you a list of items you might have overlooked that may still need to be done and many local businesses in your area.

We are there for you at close and beyond!


Questions?- Let's Talk!

We want you to consider us "your Friends in the Business"  Our team can meet with you to discuss step by step the best strategy for buying a home.  If you're relocating to a new community our team can schedule a personal showing or community tour.

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